Do you need to reboot your triathlon training motivation? Its totally ok to need a break from your regular exercise regime. In fact, if your body is telling you to take a rest, I urge you to listen to it. However, there may come a time where you have a day, a week or even a month where we just can’t feel bothered to exercise or to keep up with our training regime. If its motivation you are lacking, try some of these simple tips to get your mojo back.

Turn up the volume

Ever noticed that music = motivation. There is ample research out there about the effects of music on the brain. You needn’t read any articles to know that putting on a few beats can change the way you are feeling. Lacking motivation? Grab your iPod and crank up the volume! Having a dedicated playlist for exercise is an excellent way to get you in the mood and out the door.

Not only will it get you moving, music will keep you moving! Listening to music can drown out our brain’s cries of fatigue. Music competes for our brain’s attention, and can help override signals of fatigue, allowing you to exercise longer and at higher intensities than you would in silence.

Get your kit on

Don’t feel like exercising today? Go to the effort to put your kit on. Give yourself half an hour and then see how you feel. Often half the battle getting yourself mentally prepared for exercise. Once you have your kit on, your likely to feel mentally equipped to get the job done! If you have the budget, why not indulge in a new piece of equipment or a new piece of apparel. Something new always encourages us to get out there and try it!

Practice Gratefulness 

Sometimes it takes an injury for us to realise how awesome our bodies are how powerful our minds are. Take some time to practice gratefulness and appreciate your body. Perhaps indulge in some mediation or yoga. Practice mindful training. Instead of just jumping in the water and swimming laps appreciate the glistening of the water, the sound the music makes, the feeling of your breath passing in and out of your lungs. Instead of just running, listen to the sounds your feet make on different terrains, listen to your breathe, feel how the sweat beads on your face. Not only will this change the training experience, it can also improve your mental toughness!

Write a race report! Reading some old race reports is a sure way to help and reboot your mojo!


Change it up

“Change is as good as a holiday”.  If motivation is lacking, it might be time to try something different. Normally pump it out at the gym? Grab your running shoes and head outdoors to do a brisk walk, a jog, or some plyometrics in the park. On the Swim, ride, run grind? Take a brake and enjoy some pilates and stretching. Experiment with a skipping rope, a park bench, and some hand weights – a very effective circuit workout can be achieved with minimal equipment. Perhaps you and your partner could make a romantic commitment of Latin dance classes and give your relationship a boost at the same time. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is the limit.

Get Social

Get together with a friend or a group of friends. If your used to pounding the pavement alone, phone a friend! Perhaps check out your local club and see what group sessions they have on offer. It could be a nice change. Perhaps the group that your currently in is a “bit too serious” or maybe not serious enough? Both can make you feel disinterested. Take a chance to change it up with a different bunch?

If you really need a break from the whole training regime, you can still keep active in other ways. Think family fun! A BBQ in the park with a friendly game of touch football, volley ball or cricket is a fantastic way to enjoy getting active. You don’t always have to be pounding the pavement to reap the benefits of physical activity. This also has the benefits of teaching your children the social aspect of sport, along with how to interact in a team environment.

Make it an adventure

Have you lived in a town for 10 years and not seen half of it? Often we take our surroundings/environment for granted and its not until we are about to move away that we realise this. Check out your local tourist information guide. Perhaps there is a beautiful hike to enjoy, a bike path to explore, a creek to paddle… Get out there and do some trail running. Change it up! Depending on where you live, how adventurous you feel and what you enjoy the options could be endless.


Get on board a charity event

Signing up to a race makes you accountable to train and complete the event. Sign up to complete the event and raise money for a much needed cause makes that commitment even more significant. It can also be heaps of fun, and you will usually make a few new friends too. Fundraising is an awesome way to be a positive role model for your children, teaching them about healthy habits along with the importance of comradery. Remember something is better than nothing. If you don’t feel like completing a full on session, don’t feel obliged to. Take a walk instead. If its been a while, starting small is the best option. Consistent, shorter, lower intensity sessions that slowly build up will be more successful than the occasional high intensity session. Get out and celebrate your body and get moving!

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