Meet Jackie, a mum that loves triathlon! A Townsville based Mum of beautiful 8 month old son. Along with being a mum, Jackie manages part-time work from home, whilst also enjoying a fit and active lifestyle. Jackie and her partner share a love for triathlon, and involve their son in as much training as possible – “he absolutely loves the water and plays in the pool while Mum and Dad take turns swimming laps. He also loves coming running in his pram” …. Jackie loves supporting other fit and active women and shares her story here. 


Tell us about your athletic history?

During school I was fairly active, playing netball, cycling etc…  but this dropped off during uni and lead to a lot of weight gain. I decided it was time to get healthy and active again and joined a gym. However, I didn’t really enjoy training indoors. I stepped outside and starting Outrigging, which I did for a number of years until changes in work meant it was hard to get to training sessions. I then took up running which was easy to do whenever I had the time. From there I set a timed 5km goal, and then 10km up to half marathon....

What about your triathlon journey? 

After hitting my running goals I needed something more. I was always interested in Triathlons and thought it was time to take up the challenge. In 2011 I competed in my first Womens Only triathlon and was hooked. From there I moved up to sprint distance triathlons and soon signed up for my first Half Ironman. I really enjoy the longer distance triathlons, I have more endurance then speed!

In early 2015, while training for Lake Wanaka Half (New Zealand), I found out I was pregnant. With 6 weeks until the event, I had to decide if I was going to continue training or withdraw from the event. With clearance from my doctor and guidance from my Coach, I continued training but at a lower and controlled heart rate. I went on to complete the event and crossed the line with my partner who was also competing and generously waited for me at T2 and we did the run leg together.  (How sweet!)

What else do you incorporate into your swim, ride, run routine?

I do regular Pilates to assist in core strength (particularly after baby) and also love getting out Mountain Biking and Paddling.

triathlon mum

Whats the biggest challenge you face with your training as a Triathlon Mum?

Getting enough sleep at night to be able to get up and do early morning training before Dad goes to work and bub wakes up. Also, being prepared and organised,  mainly with meals and snacks so that we always have something healthy to grab.

What do you enjoy most about training/competing?

Training allows me to have my ‘me time’ which is very important as a new mum. I always find that doing an early session sets me up to tackle the day with more energy and calmness. Although I haven’t been competing regularly for a while, I do love the atmosphere of race day, the buzz, and the feeling of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. Also, knowing that I’m teaching my son the importance of being healthy and active.

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

triathlon mum

“With Pain comes Strength – Every experience builds you and adds to the person you are”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

In 2014, while in Mackay – myself and my business partner established Tri-ActiV8 to encourage women to into the sport of triathlon. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and watching them develop confidence, gain experience, and hit personal goals. Since moving to Townsville in December, I have focused more on getting my own fitness back and watching my son grow. I also look forward to get back to triathlon coaching in the future.

Thanks to Jackie for sharing her story. Don’t you just love her passion to drive not only her own success, but also to support other women as well. Lets look out for Jackie on her return to Triathlon Coaching!

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