Are you looking for some triathlon inspiration? Meet Kristen! An inspirational, vibrant, single mum of two boys aged 10 and 12. Over the past 2 and a half years Kristen has become increasingly involved in the triathlon scene. Having completed numerous olympic/standard distance triathlons, Kristen has certainly come a long way since her first enticer triathlon in February 2014 in Mirani Queensland. Lets learn about her journey!


Tell us about your first race that you entered

It was 16th February 2014 Sonya Brazil Memorial Women’s Only Triathlon and I wore flippers!! It was a 200m swim, an 8km bike and a 2km run. I was very nervous to enter the race, but I thought I would give it ago. I had always something wanted to complete a Triathlon!

How did you feel when you crossed the finish line?

I was hooked and so amazed I could achieve it.

Who/what inspired you to give it a go?

A girlfriend and I had got talking, and we both decided that we would give it ago. The year before I had started running (2013) and just started swimming in the pool that year. I had a road bike sitting there that I had bought secondhand. I thought “yeah let’s give a go!”.

Since then you have completed numerous races. Running, tough mudders, triathlons… What is your favourite event to date?

I would have to say my first Olympic distance Triathlon which was in my hometown of Mackay. I had an amazing cheer squad that consisted of my beautiful ‘running family’ and my gorgeous and very proud children. Just before I was to cross the finish line my youngest boy said to me “I’m so proud of you Mummy!!” Just seeing my children out there for a long period of time with such big smiles was so worth it. My running family had made me an awesome sign and every time I came past them they cheered me on VERY LOUDLY, which made me go that extra bit faster!!!

What do you enjoy most about training and competing?

There is so much I love about it – the friends you meet, the ‘me-time’, the happy endorphins that exercise releases, the coffees after training, the achievement at the end of competing and seeing my children so proud of their mother!! I love the journey and looking back and seeing what I have achieved – it’s amazing. Somedays I forget this, and only focus on the now but when I look back I’m like WOW!!

What is your favourite discipline to train for? Why?

It changes all the time. At the moment I would have to say the run. I’m not a fast runner, so I’m trying to see how far I can push myself mentally and physically. My focus at the moment is to beat the negativity and the mind games that go on in my head during the run leg.

What do you find most challenging about managing training and being a single mum?

THE MOTHER’S GUILT! My father once told me “Kristen it doesn’t matter what you do as a mother, you will always feel guilty for something”Just trying to juggle it all. It’s only now that my children are older that I can train as much as I do. I love it though, and wouldn’t change it.

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Do your boys train with you? 

Yes and no. It depends, if they have an upcoming event they will train with me.

What do they think of their incredible mum?

They are so proud of me and think that I’m awesome. They put it back into perspective for me sometimes…Like when I’m disappointed with a race result or time. They say to me “Oh mum you should be so proud you did it, not your time!!!”

Do you have any pre-race traditions?

Breathe and keep calm. I try and check out the track pre-race so that I can calm the nerves down.

What do you have on your race calendar this year?

This year I had the Moolooba Triathlon which I competed last month. My next major goal is to complete the Mackay half marathon. I also have some Enticer/Sprint Triathlons in Mackay.

What is your advice to new mums wanting to engage in exercise and sport?

Go and give it a go!!! Break your goals down into manageable sizes!!! You can do anything if you set your mind to it!!!

Kristens’ story is certainly inspirational! It just goes to show that determination and persistence can go a long way. We wish Kristen all the best in the coming year, especially for the upcoming half-marathon. There is no doubt that she will do herself, and her boys, very proud!

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