You are not the first one to google how to save money on triathlon. Triathlons are expensive! Especially when you are a ‘Stay at home Mum’ or working part time. Investing in your health is a really smart move. You are teaching your family about a healthy lifestyle, and you are living one. However, living this lifestyle can sometimes get rediculously expensive, especially in a society (and a sport) where ‘image’ and health fads seems to get the better of some! Here are my top tips to save you money whilst still getting everything you deserve.

Get on the net

How good is the world of the www’s! There is so much good quality, free information out there. You just need to know where to find it.  You don’t HAVE to pay for coaching, guidance or advice. If you use quality, evidence based resources you can find some excellent health guidance and save huge amounts of money. Check out some of the really cool sites that have awesome information for tri newbies like WITSUP (Women In Triathlon Support).

Try before you buy

I find it incredibly hard to believe how many people own gym memberships / club memberships that they don’t even use! These memberships cost bucket loads! Before you sign up to any plan or membership see if there is a way that you can ‘try before you buy’. Shop around and find a gym / group / facility that suits your needs. Most places will allow you to have at least one free session and many gyms will give you a week free trial etc. Once you have decided what is going to suit you, a longer plan is usually cheaper than a short term plan, as long as your going to use it! If your still not sure if you are ready to commit 110% then opt for a shorter contract so that you don’t end up paying money for something you don’t even use.

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Don’t purchase all the bells and whistles!

This also goes for sporting equipment. If you are signing up for your first triathlon or adventurethon for example, don’t feel like you need all the “bells and whistles”. In fact, you can go a long way with basic equipment to start with. Borrowing equipment will work especially for your first race. Once your committed, you will potentially start to out grow your equipment. Then, and only then, should you really consider spending the big bucks. Even then, be careful not to get caught up in the hype of it all… Just because something cost a lot, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily make you perform better.

Ask for a discount

You might be thinking OMG How embarrassment! I used to think the same. Then I realised all you can do is ask. If the answer is ‘no’, then fair enough. However, most businesses are quite happy to give a discount, especially if you are purchasing a couple of items and they know that you will be a repeat customer. Also, shop around. Don’t just go to the first place you know to get your gear/equipment. This is especially true for larger chain style stores. If you have a local biz in the area, I think it’s important to support them, however price should still be comparable.

Consider second hand

Gone are the days where you would have to research the newspaper classifieds or spend your weekends going from one Garage Sale to the next. There are so many options for purchasing second hand goods these days. Join the Facebook pages of sporting groups that interest you. Many of them allow members to advertise second hand goods for sale. Check out Triathlon Marketplace & Women For Tri on Facebook.  These are awesome for second hand goods, and also to ge help you with your research of equipment. Check out Gumtree and your local ‘Buy, Swap and Sell’ Facebook page too. People are often selling goods that have hardly ever been used,  at a huge discounts because they made the mistake of purchasing something unsuitable for them…

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Don’t pay for something you could do for free

Before you get all excited and pay to register for races, see if there is something similar that you could do for free! If your desire is to complete a 5k fun run, perhaps try Park Run. Park Run is a free 5k run that is held around Australia each weekend. Check out your local running club. Local clubs often offer weekly /monthly races at a fraction of the cost of larger events. You could find yourself paying up to $60 for a 10K fun run, whereas your local running club could quite possibly offer a 10K for a gold coin donation… Some races will give discounts to first time entrants too. Do your research and you may be able to participate in a number of events without being so out of pocket!

Shop local and buy in bulk

If you head to the supermarket and go to the ‘organic section’ you will soon realise that the price difference are quite dramatic. Local food markets often have  food that is much better quality, at more affordable prices. Not only is it cheaper, but it lasts longer, which means less waste and saves you more money. There is nothing worse than spending money on food and it ending up in the bin! On that note, make sure you only buy what you can use. Whilst doing one huge grocery shop might seem convenient, you are likely to end up discarding rotten food items.  More often then not you return to the shops earlier than anticipated anyway. Save yourself the hassle and only buy what you can consume in a timely period.

If you can team up with a group of friends you may be able to buy some food items in bulk. This could be meat products or fruits and veg. Like anything, food is generally cheaper in bulk. If you can share the food and the cost amongst a group of friends you will save money, without the waste.

Don’t get caught up in Food Fads

Food is trendy, and it is easy to get caught up in food fads! Just because a food item has become popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean its healthy. Do your research before you start buying your regular ‘sugar free, nut free, dairy free’ banana bread on a daily basis! Which leads me to my next point..

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Don’t get caught up in fashion

I get that looking good is important to some of us. In fact looking good might help to give you the confidence boost you need to feel comfortable exercising outdoors or with a group of people. You don’t need to spend the earth to look great. Affordable quality active does exist. I have learnt that some of the biggest ‘brand labels’ might look good initially, but they don’t always deliver on the quality.

If you have found an expensive brand that delivers on quality meaning you don’t need to replace your active wear that regularly, buy it! In this case quality trumps quantity. If, however, you tend to want to replace your wardrobe regularly, buying less expensive gear is probably the more cost effective decision for you. Remember to read the care instructions of your garments too. Washing them the right way will mean they last a lot longer, and smell a whole lot better too! It’s becoming increasingly popular to live a healthy lifestyle, which is good news for everyone. However, it can be quite easy to get caught up in the ‘hype’ of it all, and if your not careful you could be breaking the bank, without any better results.

You deserve to have everything you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. If you make smart decisions and consider your options thoughtfully, you can save money whilst still investing wisely in your health. For more FREE resources and advice that will help you in your health and fitness journey, subscribe to our mail list. You will enjoy awesome bonus workbooks, checklists and kits that you won’t find here on the blog!



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