When I was on a mission to find some really comfortable maternity exercise/workout wear and I came across the Mummygear Onesie. I was quite intrigued. “Interesting”, I thought to myself. To be honest, when I think of onesies I think of brightly coloured PJ’s that seemed fashionable for teens about 2 years ago. Before I tell you all about it, how about I tell you about the lady who designed it first.

Meet Ebba, the Mummy Behind the Gear!

Ebba Lindblom is the founder and designer of the mummyGEAR Onesie. Ebba designed the mummyGEAR Onesie during her pregnancy. In her blog she explains that

“there was nothing out there for us bigger less slender pregnancy shapes. I had no idea that the brand would progress into plus size wear too. I never realised until post pregnancy how much my body had changed. What was available on the market was not supportive enough. Exercising was not an enjoyable activity when I was uncomfortable in my attire. Hence the creation of the range. We have your bits covered & controlled. The mummyGEAR Onesie has transformed the comfort levels for plus size and pregnant women across Australia.”


mummy gear onesie

The online store: mummyGEAR

You can purchase the mummyGEAR onsie here at All orders to the website have free delivery. Customers are provided with tracking numbers and can expect the order to take approximately 3-5 working days if shipped within Australia, or 5-14 working days for international delivery. The exchange policy for MummyGEAR is clearly outlined on the website. The conditions of exchange are very fair and well explained.

The Product: The mummyGEAR Onesie

mummy gear onesie                         mummy gear onesie                       mummy gear onesie

The mummyGEAR onesie is designed to be worn for both exercise or everyday leisure wear. The fabric is used is intended not to stretch or lose its shape, and the control panelled support legging acts like shapewear. The onesie comes in sizes 8-18 is blue/black in colour and retails for $69.95

So what did I think?

The fabric definitely holds it shape and even after being stretched over my very pregnant abdomen, went straight back to its original shape. It washed beautifully, and feels amazing. The fabric is breathable and suitable for exercise. The bust area is not hugely supportive, and if wearing it on its own I would definitely want some support underneath. If however you opt to wear something over the top, it would be supportive enough for gentle exercise such as yoga and pilates. I do love that it is an all in one suit, which means you don’t have any concerns whether you wear the leggings over or under your bump. The leggings can’t roll down, and will not show any unfavourable lines / seams under your clothes.

Although the onesie acts as shapewear, it certainly doesn’t feel too firm or uncomfortable. The sizes are very accurate. I was a bit nervous that the onesie would be too small when Ebba recommended that I opt for a onesie the same size that I would usually wear pre-pregnancy. It fitted nicely, without pulling through the crutch or abdomen area, even with my 35 week baby bump.

mummy gear onesie


Having the ability to dress the onesie up or down is a major plus. When I find comfortable maternity wear, I tend to live in it. So its nice that you could go from work to a yoga class without having to change your whole outfit!

Initially, I wondered how the onesie would go with the more frequent trips to the bathroom that your encounter during pregnancy. However, the easy slide off clips means that it is easy to dress and undress.  I would recommend that you be mindful what you pair the ones with though, because you will find yourself having to take it off too when you head to the ladies room. The slide off clips also means that it would be suitable for breastfeeding mothers. I actually wore the onesie a lot in my early postpartum days because it also gave me some nice support over my tummy.

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Overall I LOVE this onesie. In terms of exercise, I would wear it time and time again for low impact exercise such as yoga and pilates. It would be very suitable for the gym with another top over it and a supportive bra. For everyday wear, I would team it with a pair of flats or boots and any top that pairs well with leggings. Take a look here for some inspiration from the mummyGEAR website as to how to dress it up!

I love that this onesie is Australian made and designed by a mummy. I also love that it will take you through pregnancy and beyond. Ebba certainly understands womens needs. She supports healthy lifestyles, exercise during pregnancy and beyond, and understands the importance of dressing for comfort and confidence. Ebba was delightful to deal with, and ensures customer satisfaction. Her passion for wanting women to look good and feel confident is very obvious. This onesie is a delight to wear and excellent value for money. Get online and order your mummyGEAR today. You won’t be disappointed!

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