Ngaire has always been fit and healthy. Recently, she has stepped it up a notch and has began her journey as an ‘Adventure racer’! Enjoying trail running, on and off road biking, paddling and even triathlons, she has certainly committed herself to getting active. As a mum of beautiful toddler Rose, Ngaire certainly knows what it is like to be busy! She studies nutrition full time, works part time, manages adventure training, and often l eads nature and craft play activities for family friends. So lets learn a bit more about what makes this fabulous lady tick!

Tell us about your first race that you entered post mummyhood…What was it? 

The 2015 Pink Lady triathlon was my first event. It was an excellent opportunity to try something new and support breast cancer awareness. The event organizers provided 5 weeks of training leading up to the event, which made trying my first triathlon a little less daunting. Although the distances were not huge, motivating myself to turn up each week often after very little sleep was challenge enough!

How did you feel when you crossed the finish line?

Both relieved and delighted. I enjoyed the routine of training and was so glad I was able to try triathlon. It certainly has helped me with stepping out of my comfort zone a little more since and trying new things.

Who/what inspired you to give it a go?

I have 2 very motivated and focused women in my life who each are passionate and driven in their goals. Each of these women are also mothers of young children, and to be honest if they can get out of bed after 3 hours of interrupted sleep to chase their dreams then anyone can. I realized that for these two women what made it possible for them to keep trying and working towards their goals despite the common hurdles of motherhood is that they were each doing something that they absolutely love. Not something they felt they ‘had to do’ , or ‘should’ be doing but they each practice and follow their ‘bliss’ , they do something that helps fill their cup. I learnt early on that if I was not spending my time doing something that made me happy then it would be difficult to maintain interest and commitment. Adventure racing is something that combines two things I love which is being out in nature and staying fit and healthy.

Were you immediately addicted?

Not to triathlons, not at all. I enjoyed the experience but it still didn’t tick all of my ‘bliss’ boxes. Although I have not yet competed in an Adventurethon, doing Multisport training sessions, paddling, trail running and mountain biking, as well as getting out in nature has me very much wanting more and even looking for other things  to try that are outside of my comfort zone. I hope to complete my first Adventurethon later in 2016 and have signed up for my 3rd trail running event in April.

What do you enjoy most about training and competing?

Being outside and watching the sun come up, and getting a bit of time for myself. I am not yet feeling competitive with any of the new sports I am trying, I am still very happy just ticking the box and finishing the race. I guess as my confidence, experience and fitness improves, a more ‘competitive spirit’ may follow.

n1What is your favourite race that you have competed in to date and why? 

I completed a trail run event (my first) at Paluma in the rainforest in December last year and it was such great fun. The 6km distance was not too daunting, the scenery was gorgeous and camping before the event with my family and friends was lovely. The atmosphere was relaxed and not too pretentious or serious. It was a great way to start my trail running adventures. Watching my 2yr old daughter cheer me across the finish line and shouting ‘go mummy’ made it really special.

What do you find most challenging about managing training and being a mum (amongst everything else)?

Without question it is getting out of bed after only 3 hours of interrupted sleep. When sleep is such a luxury it is hard to prioritize anything over it when it has such a large impact on my overall health and wellbeing.

In terms of regular training, what do you think is the biggest benefit to you?

Consistency. I find that when routines change or training sessions are cancelled it is very difficult to regain momentum…

What do you have on your race calendar this year?

My second Pink Lady triathlon this coming weekend, a Trail Run in April and another in May. Potentially an Adventurethon in August. That is as far ahead as I have planned at this point in time.

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment?

To be honest I have a very old Camelbak that has seen better days, but I would have been lost without it on both of my last 2 trail runs. It’ll need an upgrade shortly but I couldn’t go without it. I hate carrying anything in my hands when I run find that the Camelbak allows me to feel balanced.

What is your advice to new mums wanting to engage in exercise and sport?

Find something that really makes you happy and makes you want to go. There is no point pushing yourself week in and week out to show up to something you are not enjoying. It will make it hard to be away from your babies and the stress will undo any good the physical exercise may have done. Finding something you want to go to, somewhere you enjoy being. Also, having some sort of goal to work towards. I think this is a great way to start.

Thanks to Ngaire for giving us some insight into her life as an ‘Adventure Racing Mum’. We wish her all the best at this weekends Pink Lady Triathlon, and for all of her upcoming events this year. Each month we endeavour to discover a ‘real mum’ who is rocking it on the sporting field. Whether it be as an amateur or professional, we would love to hear your story. Would you like to nominate yourself or a friend? Join our Facebook page and send us a message today! You will also get to meet all of our lovely Mums online who want to support you in your health and fitness journey.

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