You know what a bedgasm is“That feeling of euphoria you get when climbing into bed at the end of a very long day.” Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. What about the bathgasm. Put simply it’s the experience of complete relaxation, from head to toe, when you are submerged up to your ears, where all your troubles disappear. All of your senses are alive, and you are completely relaxed. “Where can I get me one of those?” you wonder. Let me tell you!

Early last week I was scrolling through my Insta feed when I came across the Luxe Bath & Body range. Immediately I was interested. When I found out that not only did they stock beautiful soaks, they were about to launch a new sports blend I was excited. I knew that this group of products would be perfect for our Swim Ride Mum Community. I’d love to say that I have the time to indulge in a weekly massage to rid my body of the aches and pains that come with being so physically active, but I don’t! This is why I was so interested in these products. I love the thought of being able to run a beautiful relaxing bath at a time that suits me. I can similar benefits of a massage, without having to book ahead. Also, I just LOOOOVE a good long relaxing bath! I was pretty confident you and I both would enjoy this range. I wanted to test it out, and see if I could recommend it to you. So I did just that!

About Luxe Bath & Body 

Marianne, the creator of Luxe Bath and Body had you in mind when she started her biz. She wanted to create something for those of us with busy lifestyles. Something to relieve, relax, rejuvenate & add a bit of luxury to your bath time. Marianne spent hours researching different salts, trialling recipes & sourcing the right ingredients to provide you with the the most beautiful blends. The Luxe range include bath soaks, body scrubs, bubble baths and more.

Luxe bath and body products are made luxury Himalayan rock salt, fine quality Epsom salts, and are finished with oils & botanicals. The new sports blend range is set to launch within days. This my friends is the range I think will suit you!

You can find Luxe Bath and Body online at, or if your lucky enough to be in the Whitsunday’s you can find Marianne at the local markets in Airlie Beach. If you follow Luxe on instagram you will stay in touch with her whereabouts.

I was lucky enough to trial 3 products from Luxe Bath & Body. The Sports Blend Magnesium Flakes, the ‘Original’ magnesium flakes and the Magnesium spray. All three were really amazing. For my readers, I thought I would focus on the Sports blend soak and the Spray.

Sports Blend Soak


Sports Blend Magnesium Soak 125 g single use sachet :$7.95

The Sports blend soak contains essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass (my absolute favourite) and cajeput. I had to google cajeput. Turns out it is from Melaleuca family. The gentle scent was fresh and not over powering. Ultimately, it was very relaxing!  Ah, SO relaxing that you will actually think that I made this up! I promise you I didn’t! Firstly I am not that creative, just ask who has played bolderdash with me! and secondly I value you my readers! I would never lie or make up anything for the purpose of a product review!!

My Luxe arrived with perfect timing. I was feeling pretty run down for number of reasons. I had a new baby, recently started a new exercise routine, just gotten over a tummy bug, and had just completed setting up a new website (where the instructions seem to be written in a foreign language). Overall I was feeling pretty rotten.

My husband had just figured out how to stream music on his phone,  and had created a very beautiful relaxing playlist. I doubt this was his intention, but nevertheless I was grateful. Hubby was home, and the children were occupied. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the Luxe. How glad I was that I did! I was pretty excited that the directions stated that I was to “Run a nice warm bath, place in the entire contents of magnesium flakes into the bath and relax for a minimum of 20 minutes.”  Yes m’am! I will not argue with that. So relax for 20 minutes I did. Okay, more like 35. But it was all in the name of research!

Bathgasm Alert! 

Yep, a complete sense of euphoria was what I felt as I fully submerged into that bath. Ahhhh bliss!!

When I was training heavily for the World Champs back in 2015 I used basic magnesium salts that you get from the supermarket. The pharmaceutical grade salts in the Luxe range contain 9 times the amount of magnesium as epsom salts. I won’t lie, I was not convinced that it would make any difference. Trust me, it does! How I felt after this bath could only be explained by the addition of these salts. One could argue that it was simply the bath itself. I can tell you that I take regular hot baths in salts to try to calm my muscle aches and pains, and nothing has worked this well before. My body felt A-MAZE-ING afterwards, and my skin felt pretty good too.  Seriously, if your an athlete (or even if your not) you need this in your life!

Some of you don’t have a bath. Or, if you live in the tropics like I do, you might not always want a warm soak. That’s when the Magnesium Oil could come in handy. Personally, I could take a bath in any kind of weather and I would love to use the soak on a weekly basis. I will use the oil in between the soaks when I don’t have the time for a bath.

Magnesuim Oil

Magnesium Oil 125 ml: $19.95

The magnesium oil blend is made using pure magnesium chloride which can help with muscles aches, sleep disturbances, stress and anxiety. The pump bottle will last months and months. The directions are simple: spray to required area. Rub in and leave, or rise off after 20 minutes. It advises that some tingling can occur. Having used magnesium spray before I was a little concerned. The spray that I used in the past really stung! I would only ever use it when I was in a ‘dire’ situation pre-race because when I did I felt like I was on fire! Psychologically this could be a good thing for some because it ‘feels like its doing something’. Personally, I find it a bit counterproductive to put something on that’s meant to relax you when it burns the hell out of your skin.

I was pleasantly surprised when I used the Luxe Magnesium spray. I did experience a slight tingling, but NO burning sensation. Being an oil, it also felt nice to massage into the skin. Others I had used in the past felt as though they remained on the skins surface but wouldn’t rub in nicely. A bit like when a lotion separates and becomes watery and you can’t rub it in anymore. The spray doesn’t have a luxury fragrance, nor is it designed to. It has no scent at all. Perhaps a scented spray may be something to look out for in the future, but for now I would totally use this one.


The Results?

Would I buy this range? Hell yeah! It really is amazing stuff. The Luxe bath and body range looks, smells and feels beautiful. If you’re like me, you might be asking “yes but at what cost?” No Luxe product is over $25, including their gift packs! So you can definitely afford to treat yourself. The process of ordering the product and having it shipped to my door was seamless. Marianne was readily available for any questions I had too. She looks after her customers well.

For me to put my name behind something, I have to genuinely believe in it. The products Marianne has created really speak to me as a Mum. I love that I can choose a time that suits me, grab a glass of wine and enjoy some down time. The fact that I relax and  reset in my own environment, without having to book any appointments or drive anywhere is awesome. I can crawl into my bed straight afterwards!

Just For You 

Marianne has kindly given our Swim Ride Mum subscribers a generous 20% DISCOUNT on your next order of ANY product/s in the Luxe Bath & Body Range. I encourage you to go and check out her website and find yourself a special treat. You can also follow her on Facebook to keep up to date with her evolving range.

Ladies, you really do deserve to treat yourself to something beautiful like this. Remember #firsttakecareofyou! Invest in some ‘me time’ and head over to Luxe Bath & Body today. BUT before you do, make sure you grab your unique discount code. Head to our resources folder and it will be waiting for you there! If you aren’t already a member of the SRM tribe, silly click the link below for your access. The Library is complete with workbooks, checklists, nutrition guides, training plans and more all completely FREE!


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